PomPom FAQs

What is a PomPom? 
A PomPom is a small fluffy ball of wool, generally added as decoration to hats.  Instead of hats we want to decorate trees.

Does my PomPom have to be a certain size?
No, we want PomPoms in all shapes and sizes - the more unusual the better!

What yarns work best for PomPoms?
The type of yarn depends partly on what type of PomPom you want to create.  Thicker yarns make PomPoms quicker!  Thinner yarns give a different effect.  Try experimenting and then send us the lot!

PomPoms are a great way of using up leftover yarn from knitting projects – we’ve been using all sorts.  Try mixing thick and thin together to see what effect you get.

Can I make a contemporary version?
Oh yes please!  You can interpret the idea of a PomPom in any way you wish.  It could be wound up wool, fabric, plastic bags, it could be knitted or crocheted or patched or or or – the more imaginative the better!

Oh, I don’t feel very creative, can I make a ‘normal’ PomPom?
If you prefer to make a traditional version, that would be amazing too as we need over a thousand for the Festival to have a real visual impact.  We just want as many PomPoms as possible of any shape and size!

Where should my PomPom be sent?
Please send PomPoms to Balfron PomPom Blossom Festival, 21 Greek Thomson Road, Balfron G63 0RE, UK.  We can’t wait to receive them!

What word should I suggest to go on my tag?
Any word as long as it is decent!  Perhaps it is something you wish for, aspire to or something you just like the sound of.  We are restricted by the size of tag, so ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ may not fit on!  If you really can’t think of a word, we will add one on for you.

Can I get my PomPom back?
If you send us a SAE, we will endeavour to return your PomPom to you.  However, given the volumes involved and the fact that it is an outdoor exhibition, we cannot guarantee the safe return.  We will do our absolute best though!

If you don’t want your PomPom back, we will auction any left over later in the year to raise funds for FAB Arts to run future art events.  Any unsold will be recycled.

Can I make a donation towards the project?
Yes please! Email us at fabartbalfron@gmail.com and we can give you the details. Both wool and cash would be incredibly helpful. 

Who is running the PomPom Blossom Festival?
The PomPom Blossom Festival is being run by FAB Arts, a grassroots, not-for-profit group aiming to promote visual arts in rural Stirlingshire.   It is run by three artists: Dawn Cullen, Frances Douglas and Gillian Cooper.  The PomPom Blossom Festival is part of our inaugural FABFEST!, a four day celebration of art in June 2013.  There will be workshops for adults and children, demonstrations, exhibitions and an art + craft fair.  The intention is to have the PomPoms on display for three to four weeks around FABFEST!

In addition to FABFEST! FAB Arts runs regular Saturday classes for children aged 5-14, Thursday classes for under 5s and ad-hoc community events, when we can get funding.  You can see more of what we do at www.facebook.com/FABArtBalfron
Any other burning questions?
Then please email us at fabartbalfron@gmail.com and we will do our best to answer.

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